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Noamex Industries is a full-service trucking and warehousing company based out of Brooklyn, New York, and Medley, FL. For more than 30 years, we’ve catered to our clients with efficient and effective results in the trucking and warehouse industry. Our team uses their experiences, years of knowledge, and dedication to the industry to benefit our clients, each and every day in a variety of ways.

Let's work

Let us be your warehouse as well as all of your shipping needs! Regardless of the industry niche of your business, we can accommodate your warehousing, transportation, and specialty needs. We’ve carefully procured relationships with several distributors, retailers, and manufacturers around the world; thanks to our commitment to our clients and our hard-earned relationship for trustworthy, reliable services, Noamex Industries can confidently offer to be your one-stop destination for all your warehouse and trucking needs.

Your modern-day
Logistics Partner

We make sure all products and materials are orderly and efficiently stored safely to be distributed at any time. We also include transportation of such goods to deliver to the end customer.

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Based in
New York, Florida & Texas

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